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What unites us is a belief that business is about people being of service to people.

The term ‘culture’ is derived from the word ‘cult’ and, when you enjoy a strong, positive team spirit, you feel like you have joined something similar. You feel at home, stimulated and comfortable with your colleagues. You share beliefs and values. It feels like a family.

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Sewell is a family business and we always want it to feel like that. We support, value and often challenge each other.

Culture is that important. Culture is the collective personality of Sewell Group. It defines the way we treat each other and how we go about doing business. It is our collective DNA and dictates how we act when the boss is not around, and what we do when the rules, plans and job descriptions do not apply. Our culture is special and critical to our success.

As you’ll see from our business websites, we are a very diverse organisation. But what unites us is a belief that business is fundamentally about people being of service to people. That’s why we want to be a great place to work so we can be a great company to deal with. It is however vital that we always do so with profit to match our good service, or there can be no business and therefore no careers, jobs or giving back to the community.

We have been successful in our local area and our offer is being welcomed across the wider region. But importantly, in the ‘Sewell way’, doing the right thing with our required key core behaviours.

Our culture is so important that it is the primary focus of this group website. It is equally as important as our business systems.



Sewell is a family business and we always want it to feel that way

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"Sewell Group earned their place by showing a real commitment to engagement and proving that they truly care for and value their employees.”

Jonathan Austin, Best Companies founder and Chief Executive Officer

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