We are a property asset management consultancy, here to make sure your buildings are working for you. Covering all sectors, our experts will help you understand what you have, what you need to plan for, and how to stay compliant. 

From asset data collection to compliance auditing, lifecycle forecasting to PPP compliance health checks, our facilities management experts will ensure you have total control of your buildings and FM contracts. 

A team bursting with expertise and experience

From developing asset registers to managing 30 year PFI contracts, our team can use their experience to help you understand your buildings and assets.

Know Your Building
Understanding where you are now is always the first step to moving forwards, and we put building knowledge and understanding at the forefront of our thinking as a core foundation of good property management.

Holding accurate and concise records of your assets and room data ensures that procurement and delivery of maintenance services are streamlined, while up to date operation manuals and site drawings ensure nothing is left to chance, and in some instances fulfil contractual requirements.
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Know your Maintenance Strategy
As property owners and lease holders there are many statutory and regulatory requirements that need to be upheld, therefore it is crucial to have a suitable maintenance regime in place that covers all of these compliance requirements and provides adequate records and reporting.

A correctly balanced maintenance programme that includes optimum levels of servicing can protect budgets and provide future benefits against lifecycle replacement costs.
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Know your Risks
Unexpected risks and failures can cause major disruption and it's important to be prepared for all eventualities. Knowing where your critical points of failure are and knowing the condition of your building will help to plan for contingencies and suitably mitigate the associated risks.

All valid questions, taking communities and our planet into consideration. In many instances, service providers will be expected to meet certain levels, and for good reason, but how do we measure and check them?
Know your future
With overhead costs creeping up and budgets cut, it’s more vital than ever to keep buildings running efficiently and plan for costly replacements. Knowing when to invest in building fabrics and replace key components isn’t always an exact science, but having a plan in place can be crucially important when forecasting future expenditure and affordability, as well as minimising the risk of expensive surprise failures.

Whether you’re looking to maintain the quality of your building or reduce your carbon footprint, a good business case with supporting data is a vital step
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Public Private Partnerships

We worked on the handback of the UK’s first PFI school.

Our team have been involved in all stages of a PPP contract from design and contract mobilisation through to the handback process of the UK’s first PFI primary school.

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