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Diverse businesses united by culture

Sewell is a multi-disciplined group of companies operating across the North of England.

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For us
customer service
is a way of life,
not a department

We have delivered a host of construction projects primarily across the Yorkshire region. Ranging from small scale extensions, to the design and build of new developments, we work in respectful partnership with our clients, supply chain and communities, with whole life costing and total quality at front of mind. Our approach has been recognised in an academic journal produced by The University of Hull Business School.

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Sewell Construction

We work in partnership with our clients to offer a solution that is perfectly tailored for their construction requirements.

Every project is delivered with the end in mind so that we can offer construction excellence in delivering on time, on budget and safely. Our team is led by talented people who believe in open communication and are passionate about delivering on promises.

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At Sewell FM, our number one priority is to provide you with peace of mind around the clock. From general maintenance and lifecycle planning, to preventative programmes of work and statutory compliance, our local, hands on support will ensure your buildings are safe, legal, well maintained and fit-for-purpose 24/7.

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Facilities Management

We invest time, experience and money to unlock opportunities that contribute to the development of the Yorkshire region. Our investments are successful because we work in partnership, with respect, trust and transparency to identify pioneering solutions. At Sewell, we can invest, develop and facilities manage projects through their lifetime. We are in it for the long haul.

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Sewell Investments

Serving over four million customers every year from 13 high quality fuel and convenience stores, Sewell on the go makes sure that communities and customers have everything they need to keep going, at home or on the move, day or night. Each store is run by local, customer focused people, who are always on hand to deliver our promise of good value, quality products and services.

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Sewell on the go

From straightforward advice, to comprehensive estates planning and development services, we get under the skin of your property challenge to develop options that make the best use of your resources and environments.

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Parallel is a national technology company that provides data mapping, visualisation and insight solutions to its clients. Alongside other web based applications, we provide SHAPE, a mapping and insights tool that has supported the public sector with scenario planning and decision making for 16+ years.

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Community Ventures is a development company that develops, builds and manages health and social care facilities across the north of England and Midlands, as well as providing estates advisory services to the public sector and management services to LIFT companies.

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