Professional Services Team

Working across both sides of the business, the Professional Services Team (or PST) is a high-performing collection of strategic professional services covering Communications and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Safety, Environment and Compliance, Technology and Administration.

The team are experts across their fields, sharing and demonstrating this knowledge within the Group with a high level of engagement.

With a primary purpose to protect and enhance the Group, each member of PST brings a whole lot of passion and are the driving force behind our Sewell culture and values. This team are here to allow their customers to focus on doing what they do best.

Comms and Marketing
The creators, the storytellers, the brand protectors. Our comms and marketing professionals are the protectors of all our brands and cover PR, events, social media, digital, brand management, internal communications and graphic design, telling the story of the Sewell Group through a wide range of engaging, captivating content. They use insight to drive strategic comms & marketing activity to have greater impact across both sides of the business and share our messages with both internal and external audiences, our people, our customers, our stakeholders, and the media.
Our tech gurus are responsible for providing technical support for all our employees across the Group. They're the driving force behind making sure our business is kept cyber-secure and on top of the latest technologies on both the hardware and software of the business. From our HQ to our 13 forecourts, from our construction site cabins to our offices across the North, our IT crowd is there to provide insight, support and innovative ways to keep our business ahead of the technology curve.
Human Resources
Or our People Team, as we like to call them. People are the most important part of any business and so it's important to look after and nurture them. Our People team are there for us all, making it their mission to understand what we need and want, and do their best to provide it. The People Team look after everything from learning and development, health and wellbeing, rewards, benefits, recruitment and everything in between. We not only support our own people though, but their families too, whether that be through our benevolent fund or counselling, Grocery Aid, Armed Forces support and much more.
Our number crunchers, the finance department are the strategists behind the financial direction of the business, guiding us through by managing complex budgets, our investment portfolio, and managing a whole heap of data to ensure every area of the business is performing how it should be. They also look at our carbon reporting, streamlining the capture formatting and reporting frequency so we can understand how our business can be more sustainable, tracking our outputs on the road to net zero.
The ones who'll welcome you with a huge smile and home-from-home hospitality. Based at Sewell Group HQ, Group Admin provide a front-of-house welcome and champion world-class hospitality for anyone who visits. Whether you're popping in for a meeting, an interview, here for an event, training, or dropping off deliveries, the team will give you a warm welcome and will always make you feel at home.
Safety, Environment & Compliance
The 'SEC' team are support our Group in all ways Safety, Environment and Compliance. From risk assessments on construction sites to documents like our Modern Slavery Statements, the SEC team are ready to make sure everything we do is safe and compliant.

"We're here to deliver a world class service that delights our customers by being innovative and up to date, to protect and enhance the Group"

Becky Oughtibridge Head of PST

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