Social care capacity planning

For local authorities, visualising and quickly accessing real-time social care data to support with capacity planning and resident placement can be a challenge. Data is complex, changes frequently, and can be stored on different systems which not everyone has access to.

The Parallel team’s SHAPE system in an online, interactive, data mapping, analysis and insight tool that supports service planning and estates strategy development. Supported by the Department of Health and Social Care, SHAPE facilitates scenario planning and option appraisals in support of public services.

The Parallel team worked with a Local Authority in the South of England to add their social care data onto their own private SHAPE Local workspace, including care homes, children’s residential homes, housing-related support, hostels and supported living.

At the touch of a button, staff could quickly get an idea of the range of options available to support their most vulnerable residents.

Data included locations, services offered, capacity, real-time number of beds or rooms available and specialisms of the site, such as dementia care, or drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This provided users with everything they needed to put together a plan for a service user.

Lynne, a care worker and user of SHAPE, said:

“It’s a useful tool when weighing up the options for service users. Instead of calling round or looking through multiple systems, I plot the current location of the service user in SHAPE and then filter properties with available beds that need to be dementia friendly, or with nursing provision for example. I also add a five-mile radius to show a shortlist of facilities within a reasonable proximity for family and friends to visit.”

“SHAPE provides a really quick and easy way to review options for clients, without needing to have detailed knowledge of the entire social care estate. It also helps me to steer patients towards homes with current capacity, avoiding over-promising space at oversubscribed facilities, and helping with waiting lists.”

If you want to find out how SHAPE can help your team, please get in touch.