Sewell FM introduces a range of energy-saving measures

Work is underway to introduce a range of additional energy-saving measures across Hull’s health centre estate under the control of Citycare.

Sewell Facilities Management (FM) has been working alongside Citycare to carry out a series of decarbonisation audits and identify key energy-saving actions and recommendations for how the buildings can strive for Net Zero.

Starting with Marfleet Health Centre in Preston Road, east Hull – the oldest of the city’s Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) buildings – solar panels will be installed on the roof, which is expected to offer an energy saving of 35,825kWh per year, saving approximately £9,744.40 annually.

Sophie Marshall, Facilities Manager at Sewell FM, said: “We’ve evaluated the energy usage in the building and looked at what measures can be put in place to reach Net Zero.

“The solar panels are expected to be in place and working at Marfleet by June and other energy-saving measures will be rolled out to other health centres in due course.

“The NHS decarbonisation agenda and key priorities flow through to Community Health Partnerships (CHP), Citycare and us, so we’re helping the client and we’re also making sustainability a big priority within Sewell FM.”

The decarbonisation report also analysed building user behaviour and recommended reducing energy consumption with smart sockets and sensors on boilers which activate when the building is in use.

Installing air source heat pump as the building’s main source of heating is also a consideration as a result of the report, as well as upgrading all lights to LED across the whole estate.

The LED upgrade across the LIFT estate as a whole is c. 55% complete with a target to complete 100% by the end of 2023.

The health care estate in the UK is one of the largest single emitters of carbon dioxide in the UK, with day-to-day operations accounting for about 5.4% of the UK’s total emissions. Sewell FM’s work with Citycare aligns with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon across its LIFT estate by 2040.

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