June 2023

Sewell Estates Newsletter

Hi everyone, and welcome to our June newsletter. Today is Employee Ownership Day, and we’re celebrating the fact that it’s six months since our estates businesses became co-owned. Shared ownership is becoming more and more popular to secure the future of businesses, and it’s proven to make your people more engaged and innovative.  Sounds good to us!  Read more about our employee ownership journey, plus news of some of our major projects, in this month’s edition.


Very best wishes,

Jo Barnes
Managing Director, Sewell Estates

A group of Sewell Group staff stand around two large lit-up letters E and O

The EO Effect

On Employee Ownership Day, we’re proud to shout about the fact that our people are co-owners of our estates businesses. This makes our team more committed, productive, innovative and engaged, and our company more ethical and more sustainable.


Co-owned companies contribute £30bn to the UK GDP

A range of factors combine to make employee owned businesses an asset to the UK economy, for example, independant shows a combination of shared ownership and employee participation delivers superior business performance.
The sector is growing because employee ownership is proving to be a durable, successful business model that’s extremely well suited to the challenges of 21st century management.
Source: EOA website


Great to see you at The Business Day

It was fantastic to see so many of you at The Business Day at Bridlington Spa this month. We had some really engaged audiences for our sessions on our journey to employee ownership, and it was great to meet some familiar faces!


Tackling inequalities through One Public Estate

Parallel’s SHAPE system is being used for place-based decision making, allowing public sector partners to develop joint approaches to prioritising spend where it’s needed most.

"The Parallel team were able to integrate all of our information into easy to understand visuals."


Helping solve estates challenges at NHS Confed Expo

Our teams from Community Ventures and Shared Agenda attended the NHS Confed Expo in Manchester, showcasing how, as specialist health focussed consultancy businesses, we can help the NHS overcome some of their biggest estates and service planning challenges.


Saving energy one bulb at a time

Sewell Facilities Management are saving time, energy and thousands of pounds for health centres in Hull by switching nearly 7,000 bulbs to energy efficient LEDs.

Just how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?


New leadership for Community Ventures

It’s exciting times for consultancy firm Community Ventures, as Area Director Emma Bolton will be stepping up to the Chief Executive position later in the year, as current CEO Nigel Fenny announces his semi-retirement.


New framework appointment for Sewell Construction

Sewell Construction has been chosen as one of the suppliers for the Fusion21 Framework, supporting public sector organisations to deliver up to £305m worth of housing, education and healthcare capital works programmes.


Award-winning for social value

I&G are celebrating after winning a social value award for their work supporting Horsforth Shed, a community project which aims to reduce loneliness.


Alternative ways to fund front line health services

The Citycare and Shared Agenda teams have been working together to secure new ways of funding health services.