Completion of significant factory extension

Sewell Construction has recently completed the third extension of Benson Park Food Factory in East Hull. Having developed the first factory in 2008 for the poultry product manufacturer, Sewell has continued to support the firm over recent years as their business has expanded.

The latest extension involved the development of new production areas and offices. Alongside the extension Sewell also developed a staff and customer car park.

David Park, Managing Director at Benson Park said:

“We had two main challenges for Sewell this time, that our factory processes went unhindered during construction with no forced downtime whatsoever and also that the project ran to a very tight timescale. It was vital that all work be completed before our busiest month of the year.

“Sewell constructed a temporary tunnel on site to ensure that our goods inward area could still be used efficiently during the works and I’m happy to say we’ve completed the project on time and on budget.

“Our longstanding partnership means they understand our business well and work with us to ensure minimum disruption to our production.”

Martin Standley, Project Manager at Sewell Construction said:

“The 32-week project at Benson Park has provided them with a significant extension to their factory space. As usual, it was crucial to plan the works in detail in advance to ensure we delivered on time and on budget.

“We were able to use a high percentage of local tradespeople for this project, many who had worked on previous extensions for Benson Park.

“We also had to manage the site particularly carefully to protect a wild area nearby inhabited by foxes. We cordoned off the area for protection and worked with our partners at Benson Park to ensure we lived happily alongside the neighbourhood wildlife.”


Key facts

         Zero disruptions to factory production

         Completed on time

         Completed on budget

         Zero reportable accidents