Nurturing talent from within

Supporting employees to grow and nurturing our talent within the business is something that’s incredibly high on our agenda.

Whatever your role is within the Sewell Group, you are valued and we want to support you in becoming the best you can be. Whether you’re working on a shop floor and aspire to be a manager, you’re an apprentice aiming for the sky in Construction, or a team leader with designs on a senior leadership role, there is a place on one of our internal development programmes for you.

Our ‘talent pipeline of progress’ covers the whole business, with Business Bootcamp, Leadership Challenge, Talent Growth and Hi-Po in place to help you learn about all divisions, grow in confidence and identify which direction you’d like your career to go in.

Becky Oughtibridge, Sewell Group’s Head of People, said:

“Leadership Challenge is designed for everybody across the Group. We currently have 18 people learning about different divisions and completing relevant business challenges before presenting and reporting back to various teams.

“It builds confidence, understanding of the company and presenting skills, and runs for the full year until Convention Week in 2018.

“It involves one session per month and means we can grow and nurture talent at every level.”Business Bootcamp, which was born from Leadership Challenge, will be back in May 2017. Talent Growth is about the cultural fit and behaviours, while Hi-Po, which will be launched in the summer, is a senior leadership development programme and personal development plan.

Becky said: “We want to make sure everyone in the business, no matter what role they are in, can personally develop.

“If we want to be the world class company we say we are, we need the most talented people in our field. Why not use in-house programmes and use our own talent to grow?”

Sewell Digital Coordinator Becky Keegan is currently taking part in Leadership Challenge. She said: “I’ve chosen to do this because I haven’t been in my role for long and it’s a good opportunity to meet other people around the business while learning more about each division.

“It’s a lot of fun and we work in groups to complete tasks. This month it’s about Shared Agenda and Citycare, and I feel like I’m learning all the time. It’s also good to feed off other people’s strengths and skills, and see how other people approach things.”