Celebrating World FM Day!

To be in with a chance of winning a brand new Kindle, have a go at answering the questions below. The entrant with the most right answers (or nearest!) will win – it’s simple! Send your answers to claire.harrison@sewell-group.co.uk before midnight on Thursday 4th July. Visit the website next Friday to find the answers and to see if you’re the prize winner! Good luck!

1) On average, how many miles per day does Graham, Hobmoor Children’s Centre’s Facilities Officer, walk to complete his daily tasks?
Clue – it’s less than the York Run for All, but greater than the distance of the Race for Life!

 Answer – 4 miles

2) How many facilities does Sewell Group look after? Clue – take the year Sewell was established and subtract 1828.

Answer – 48 Facilities

3) Approximately how many miles per year do our Sewell technicians cover to reach their customers? Clue – Hull to Douala in Cameroon!

Answer – 4, 749 Miles

4) Our technician Paul has calculated the total weight, in kg, of the refrigerant in the cooling systems across the 12 health centres he visits. What is it? Clue – equates to the total weight of 4428 hamsters.

Answer – 310 Kg

5) To ensure all of our customers have peace of mind around the clock, how many planned preventative maintenance tasks is Sewell Group currently working on? Clue – the equivalent of 62.5 days, but in hours.

Answer – 1500 Hours

6) On average, how many enquiries does the Sewell helpdesk team assist with per month? Clue – take the year we’re in and add 218.

Answer – 2, 231 enquiries

7) To the nearest 1000 kilowatt, how much electricity is used across 12 health centres in Hull? Clue – take this Wednesday’s National Lottery Jackpot and subtract 123,000.

Answer –  2,112,000 Kw

8) How many sqm of facility does Sewell facilities manage across the region? Clue – equates to just over 7 Hull City football pitches.

Answer – 60,500 sqm

9) Through the winter months, how many kgs of grit does Sewell lay to ensure your health centres, schools, community centres and commerical properties remain open? Clue – the weight of an average sized, female African elephant.

Answer –  3,000 kgs

10) Daryl, your gas maintenance engineer, has calculated the amount of transfer fluid in the solar hot water systems in the 7 buildings he looks after? Clue – equivalent to just under 15 bath tubs.

Answer – 1,175 Litres

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winner is – Mr Richard Cade