BIM in action at Hull New Theatre

The Building information modelling (BIM) process is being adopted on the Hull New Theatre project, ensuring people and information work together collaboratively using the defined processes and technology.

Since April 4, all centrally procured public sector construction contracts have to incorporate BIM to level two standard, which includes information developed and shared between engineers, clients, architects and contractors in a 3D format.

Mark Boothby, Project Manager for Sewell Construction, said: “The BIM process flows through the whole project, from initial design through to construction, maintaining and de-commissioning.

“Design and construction teams work collaboratively on the design and coordinate information across different levels, with the details remaining with the project throughout its lifetime.

“On such a complex project as Hull New Theatre, we’ve truly been able to build before we build, interrogating interface details between new and existing structures, which wouldn’t have been as apparent using design information in a traditional 2D format. In turn, this has allowed us to mitigate a lot of the risk in the sequencing of the project.”