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Alex Mortimer

I joined Sewell in late 2009 and I’m head of finance in the retail division, as well as playing a major role in people and engagement activities.

One of my main aims is to ensure we make a profit, so we will be in business and employ people for a long time to come.

Culture is the reason people work for a company for many years, like lots of our staff have. You can’t train staff to fit into a culture but you can train someone to do a job.

To me, the openness of all senior members of staff and directors, and the access all staff have to senior people, is what makes Sewell special.

Looking back at my career, installing a new Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and back office system within retail has fundamentally changed the way we control, report and monitor the business. I’m really proud of that.

One fact you may not know about me: I am now a mum of two, which any other parent will know takes up all of my time when I’m not at work!