A new Safe Haven for Fitmums and Friends

We’re pleased to say our Pocklington store is now a Safe Haven for local community running and social group, Fitmums and Friends.

Pocklington is their most recent locations, and our store is in the perfect location to provide its members with place of retreat, should they need it.

We have a long running partnership with Fitmums and Friends, with our Cottingham store also providing a “safe haven” facility for its members.

If any member gets into difficulty whilst out on a run in Cottingham or Pocklington, they may visit the local Sewell on the go, and know they’ll be welcomed and supported. All our team members are aware of this “safe haven” service which offers:

  • Place of safety (for whatever reason)
  • Shelter from severely inclement weather
  • Access to a toilet
  • A milestone marker/catch up point
  • Access to a telephone for emergencies
  • Access to water to top up water bottles

About Fitmums and friends

Fitmums and Friends are a sociable and supportive running and walking club organised by volunteers. You don’t have to be a mum or fit – men, dads, grandparents are all welcome.

They use a simple system known as “shepherding” to enable all standards of runners and walkers to exercise together. Shepherding accommodates mixed abilities in a group and still provides a challenge for those who are capable, but supports those who need to go at a slower pace.

Find out more about the group here.