Yorkshire’s Growth 100 Companies Revealed

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The annual ‘Growth 100’ has revealed that Hull founded company Sewell Group has, for the third year running, been recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

The ranking focuses on key finance performance indicators for organisations across Yorkshire, rating companies’ scores based on turnover, profit and average annual growth.

The estates service provider and petrol forecourt retailer Sewell is a ‘Best Company to Work For’ business and has consistently improved its Growth 100 ranking year on year. The business is now positioned at 36 in the league table.

Paul Sewell, Managing Director, believes there are several factors that are influential to the performance and growth of a business. He said:

“First and foremost, people do business with people; therefore, good business starts with your workforce. We have an organisation that’s full of individuals with the right attitudes and behaviours that are required in today’s market place. In business, everyone wants more for less, so we have to provide that added value and go the extra mile for our customers.”

“Part of the reason our people go the extra mile is because we do our upmost to create a positive working environment for them.  We provide opportunities for personal growth and development, in turn that helps the business grow and develop. If you’re an organisation that’s success is in the hands of its people, your staff need to be learning, developing and adapting, otherwise how can your business grow?”

Sewell recently shared its latest economic impact figures following the completion of another round of developments as part of Hull’s Building Schools for the Future Programme. The company has spent £43.5m locally and that money is predicted to have been re-spent in the city 2.5 times, resulting in a huge boost for the local economy.

In addition, the company also played a huge part in the delivery of Hull’s new health estate that saw £234m put back into the local economy over an eight year period. Paul continued:

“We’re grateful that our customers make the conscious decision to choose us and as a local company we believe our local communities should reap the benefit of that choice too. We pump our monetary success back into the local economy, through the employment over 350 local people and proactively seeking to work with local companies, instead of just taking the easy option and diverting to cheapest price.”

To keep this momentum going Paul believes the company needs to continue to listen to its workforce and its customers. When accessing Sewell Group’s commitment to this, Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work For’ said:

“Sewell people feel a strong sense of family and believe they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the Group. Sewell runs the organisation based on sound principles. It is listening that is key to the firm’s success.”