Utilising SHAPE software for infrastructure strategy development

As ICSs look to develop infrastructure strategies over the coming months, Parallel will be running a series of free training sessions to demonstrate how the SHAPE tool can be used to support the development of these fundamental plans.

Supported by the Department of Health and Social Care, SHAPE is a web enabled, evidence based application that informs and supports the strategic planning of services and assets across the public sector. The primary aim of the application is to facilitate scenario planning and option appraisals in support of public services. Its analytical and presentation features can help service commissioners to determine the service configuration that provides the most affordable access to services. The demographic and service data, combined with the information on estates location and performance, is also used to support estates strategy and business case development.

Claire Harrison, Chief Executive said:

“Our previous involvement in projects such as the Primary Care Data Gathering Programme and the development of the digitised PCN estates planning toolkit has demonstrated the importance of data driven solutions.

“SHAPE already pools together a huge amount of data, from trusted national sources, that can help generate efficiencies when aiming to establish the “where are we now” baseline in a consistent way.

“The ability to overlay additional local datasets, such as workforce and clinical information, can create a more detailed understanding of place. This can be effective in supporting stakeholder workshops and scenario planning to support the development of the strategy.
We look forward to supporting ICSs with this imperative piece of work over the coming months.”

The training sessions are free for public sector staff, and will be taking place 1pm-2pm on the following dates:

• 14th September
• 20th September
• 28th September

To book your place on a training session or find out further information as to how the SHAPE team can support your infrastructure strategy development, email helpdesk@shapeatlas.net