Tree stands proud at Endike Academy

Every child at Endike Academy played a part in designing and creating an art sculpture, known as Endike’s Inspiration Tree, as a celebration of local environment, community and Hull.

They worked with artists to create the tree, pressing their own leaves and creating design imprints in the surrounding concrete. The leaf designs are based around friendship and community.

Sewell Facilities Management dug the hole and paid for the foundation of the tree, ensuring it stands tall in the school grounds for years to come.

Headteacher Linda Burrows said: “We wanted something the whole school could get involved in and be visible for the community.

“It’s on the hill of our amphitheatre. Sewell Facilities Management has been a massive help both practically and financially. Every child has been involved and parents have seen it too.

“It brings the whole school together and it’s a permanent fixture here now.”