Three-year contract extension provides peace of mind

Sewell Facilities Management has been awarded a three-year contract extension to provide front of house and building manager services across four major health centres in Hull.

For the past three years, the business has delivered front of house services, such as meet and greet for visitors and patients, at Wilberforce Health centre in Hull city centre.

In addition, they have previously provided building manager roles at Wilberforce, Bransholme and Orchard Park health centres, which are owned by estates solutions provider Citycare.

Now, a fourth health centre – Elliott Chappell in Hessle Road, west Hull – has been added, with building manager services provided across the four sites for at least the next three years.

Martin Stead, Director of Sewell Facilities Management, said: “We looked at the services being delivered and re-engineered it to give Citycare better value.

“Rather than having a full time building manager at the three health centres, we added Elliott Chappell and changed the contract to two building managers covering two sites each, which is better for Citycare and the tenants.

“We also continue to provide front of house services at Wilberforce and these teams cover various shifts.

“We’re delighted the contract has been extended and we have found a solution which best meets Citycare’s needs and those of their tenants.”

Stewart Rhodes, Building Manager at Wilberforce and Elliott Chappell health centres, said his role involves being the single point of contact, maintaining the building, being involved in meetings and resolving any issues to ensure a calm and coordinated environment for all tenants.

He said: “We want to make sure the tenants don’t have to worry about anything and I’m their point of contact.

“The aim is to make it as stress-free as possible from a buildings point of view, so they can get on with their day-to-day jobs.

“The contract extension shows everyone is pleased with what we are doing and the buildings are being well looked after, so it’s good in every way.

“That also includes the front of house staff, who do a fantastic job too.”

Caroline Havler, Head of Estates Management at Citycare, also welcomed the contract extension and said tenants felt reassured by the new contract, which began on April 1.

She said: “The services provided by Sewell Facilities Management have been really well received by tenants and they really value it.

“They have a really good and well-established relationship with the tenants and they are their first port of call.

“The teams always go over and above, and they are flexible, responding to any requests which come through.

“They even help older people when they come into the centres, call them a taxi and take them out in a wheelchair if needed. It’s things like this which tenants value so much.”

Denise Wilkinson, Practice Manager at the Quays Surgery, which is located within the centre, said she was delighted the contract has been extended.

“We are really pleased,” she said.

“With Stewart, it’s always a rapid response and a same day service, and the front of house team have a really good relationship with my team.

“Stewart really cares about the tenants, responds quickly and makes sure the building looks nice.

“Even though he also looks after another building, it doesn’t affect the service we receive.”

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