Supporting your vaccination targets

Winter is here, and we know vaccine campaigns will be top of the list for many healthcare professionals. Find out how we’re supporting the NHS to improve vaccine rates.

Maximixe your vaccination campaign

Parallel’s SHAPE tool can help you get the most out of your winter flu vaccination campaign. Visualise your data and find out where to target your promotion to get the best uptake rates.

With SHAPE Local you can map your flu vaccine uptake data against GP practices, and even break it down by cohorts – under 2s, over 65s, at risk patients etc – along with overlaying demographic information. At a glance, you can view areas which have the lowest uptake of the vaccine for each cohort, and you can target areas which are falling behind.

Find out more about SHAPE Local.

All aboard the vaccine van

Constructors I&G have converted a van into a state-of-the-art mobile vaccine clinic to help Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust offer flu and Covid-19 jabs to all their staff before winter.

It’s helping make jabs quick, easy and convenient for NHS staff who work right across the city of Sheffield.

Interested in knowing more? Get in touch with I&G.



Location, Location, Location

SHAPE was used throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to aid decision making on where to best locate vaccination centres. Details of all Covid vaccination centres are available in SHAPE, and are updated weekly.

You can also use SHAPE to view demographic details of your local communities, enabling informed decision making about where to locate your vaccination centre to get the most impact. Best of all, SHAPE Place is free to use for the public sector.

Find out more about SHAPE.