Sewell to celebrate education across the sub-region

For the second year, Sewell has launched the Golden Apple Awards in partnership with The Hull and East Riding Mail. The awards will celebrate the best schools ,colleges and universities have to offer by recognising the staff and students who make a difference.

With 10 categories and a Lifetime Achievement award, the Golden Apples give education establishments across the sub-region the opportunity to share what is great about their place of work or learning.

Working closely with schools to deliver holistic Facilities Management services, Director Martin Stead explained why Sewell continues to celebrate education through these awards.

“Working in education environments across the region, we see the lots of great things going on and it’s important that we recognise and celebrate more than just exam results and league tables.

Last year’s ceremony was a feel good event, showcasing some of the great initiatives happening across Hull and East Riding, outside of the traditional classroom activities.

Staff in schools, colleges and universities have a huge responsibility in developing the next generation and it’s important we celebrate their ongoing commitment. We’re happy to support the education community through these awards.”

Mail Editor Neil Hodgkinson said: “These awards highlight all that is good in our local world of education. Last year our winners included inspiring schools, students, teachers and support staff. This year we will celebrate even more.

“The Golden Apples are not about Ofsted ratings or Key Stages, they are about the people who drive our education forward, who inspire, support, cajole and cultivate the talent that offers so much for the future. They are about those who show unstinted devotion to helping build not only the future of Hull and the East Riding but the future prospects of our country.

“I hope people will get involved and help us showcase that great talent by nominating staff and students.”