Pupils become creative with noise as primary school extends

Athelstan Community Primary School in Sherburn-in-Elmet is doubling in size due to housing developments in the surrounding area and staff and pupils are looking forward to moving into their brand new building in September.

They have been involved in the Sewell Construction-led project every step of the way, including creating their own ‘rap’ and sound words to describe the noises they hear from their school building site.

The pupils were asked to listen to the noises they could hear, such as hammering or digging, and create words and poems before presenting a book of their work to the Sewell Construction team.

Headteacher Karen O’Donnell said: “They have tried to create words that make the sounds they can hear.

“They have used the ‘sound words’ they created to put into a rap. It’s about making the most of our environment and our environment at the moment is working alongside Sewell.

“Although Sewell always aim to keep noise to a minimum, we’ve made it a fun noise now.

“We can all see the school progressing and you don’t have to visualise it from plans these days because you can see it. We can’t wait to see it finished.”