Project management precision

Project management support is one of Shared Agenda’s major areas of expertise and the team is supporting several key education projects of varying scale led by Hull Esteem Consortium LEP.

Recent work has included project management of the £250,000 Ings Primary School development and remodelling, from initial planning stages through to overseeing construction delivery on site for the 13-week scheme.

The team are also working on plans for Malet Lambert School in Hull which will undergo a £2.8 million expansion to create an additional 150 student places, including creating a new sports hall and extension to the main building. Working as an extension to the Esteem team, Shared Agenda will provide project management services from instruction to completion. It is hoped work will begin on site in early 2022, with completion by September 2022.

In addition, early work is underway to support Esteem on remodelling of the former Endeavour High School, Trinity House School and the Avenues Centre to accommodate secondary and adult education across Hull.

Gavin Barley, General Manager of Hull Esteem, said: “We’ve worked alongside the Shared Agenda team for several years now and our values are very much aligned in terms of supporting and improving local communities and environments. They support our work through various schemes and become an integral part of our team, which is invaluable to delivery of our key projects.”

Shared Agenda’s project management skills also extend much further than the education sector, including providing crucial support for The Hull Vigil, a monumental 365-day performance which sees a bespoke glass, steel framed, wood clad structure built and installed on top of Hull College by local businesses.

In a first for the UK, 730 people have volunteered to be the collective ‘vigil’ at sunset and sunrise every day for a year as part of the Freedom Festival, the Hull-based arts trust behind the international arts festival held in city.

Hull Esteem and its partners joined forces to bring the unique project to life through generous donations of time, expertise and resources, equivalent to a total investment of around £80,000.

Shared Agenda’s free of charge project management support also saw the team monitor the development and delivery of the project, including working to tight timescales on site and helping to oversee the installation of the shelter.

David Barley, Senior Consultant at Shared Agenda, said: “We’ve built up very strong and key working relationships with Hull Esteem and the local authority, and our ability to integrate and manage the projects is now seamless.

“Our work over the past three to four years has allowed us to develop those trusted partnerships and various members of our team easily integrate into the Esteem team to ensure the smooth progress of projects from day one.”