Major investment to advance helpdesk

Over the past 6 months Sewell has invested £250k to enhance its technology used by the in-house helpdesk team.

The system, at the hub of the estates business, provides customers with real time information and progress updates, along with feeding the asset management process. The intelligent technology also enables Sewell technicians to effectively carry out planned maintenance during visits to facilities and adjust lifecycle decisions to guarantee value for money for customers.

The team has recently developed the system even further, creating bespoke customer portals, data dashboards and mobile applications to improve usability for customers and staff alike. Martin Stead, Managing Director of Sewell Facilities Management said:

“As the business continues to grow it’s important that our customer service remains at a high standard and that we have an efficient helpdesk and web portal system that gives our clients open access to information.”

“The improvements have made the system much more user friendly and bespoke to each individual client. It also allows us to access building data remotely, through mobile devices, making our service more efficient.”

Gemma Coulson, City Health Care Partnership CIC said:

“I find the online system really easy to use; it’s convenient as I work from multiple locations. Once you’ve selected your building, all the information is relevant to you, right down to the room numbers and names. When you’ve logged a job you can also see where it sits in the priority queue for that facility and what else has been logged.”

Carol Clark, Highlands Health Centre said:

“It’s a straight forward system but equally I like that I can still pick up the phone to the local team, for advice or for anything urgent.”