Is your building holding your business back?

Is your building holding your business back?

Whether you operate from an office, warehouse, public building or creative space, you need to start thinking about what the future holds and how your buildings may need to change or develop to align to your business plans and prepare for the future.

With changing ways of working, advancements in technology and the journey to net zero, there’s lots to think about.


Transform your building

Creating a sustainable building is about more than quick wins. Ron Dearing UTC transformed a derelict fire station into a sustainable, modern learning environment.


Futureproofing your estate

The journey to Net Zero is complicated.

Let us help you decide what to do, and in what order.

Someone builds up wooden blogs into a pyramid, with the blocks at the bottom having icons like wind turbines, renewable energy, saving water, on, and the top block being net zero.

The unintended consequences of decarbonisation

The desire to do the right thing can sometimes lead to missed opportunities and unintended consequences. Find out how to avoid taking a wrong turn on your journey to Net Zero.

"There's no use in upgrading component parts of a building under the guise of sustainability when underlying elements are flawed or due to be replaced."

Steve Dam, Retrofit Lead