Extra nursery space at Endike

Staff at Endike Primary Academy in Hull are looking forward to being able to offer additional nursery places in the coming months.

Sewell Construction is set to extend the existing nursery building over the summer holidays, increasing and enhancing provision for early years.

The nursery currently has room for 26 nursery children at any one time, but this will increase to 52 with the additional space. Based on current demand, 39 children will attend from January.

The project is expected to be completed in time for the new term in September.

Linda Burrows, Headteacher at the school, which has 450 children including the nursery youngsters, said: “We will be able to offer our younger children five terms with us before full time education, rather than three.

“We are looking forward to seeing the work completed.

“It’s going really well for us with Sewell; they built and now maintain our school. We were promised a lot and they have risen to the promises and expectations.”

Endike nursery children have also had hand-washing training from the cleaning team at the school.