Enabling growth at Endike Academy

Pupils and staff at Endike Academy started the new school year with brand new nursery space, supporting an increasing demand for places.

The nursery has increased it’s demand for places to 52 children with the additional space.

Sewell Construction and Sewell Facilities Management worked hand-in-hand alongside partners at Endike to ensure a smooth return to school for pupils and staff.

Both teams were on site throughout the summer holidays, ensuring all maintenance, statutory checks and decoration works were up to date, alongside extending the nursery building and enhancing provision for early years.

Linda Burrows, Headteacher at the school, which has 450 children including the nursery youngsters, said the extra nursery places means the school can offer its younger children five terms on site before they begin full time education. She said:

“The extension is absolutely amazing. It’s made a difference to the whole area, as it’s so much lighter, brighter and more welcoming to the whole space. The staff are thrilled with it. The children came back and the parents were very impressed too. I’m astounded it was done in the time frame because it was a big ask, but they did it and we couldn’t ask for more.

“With Sewell Facilities Management and Sewell Construction working together, it could only benefit the school and result in a good job. We have a very good relationship with Sewell. They are very responsive and they listen. It’s a true partnership.”

Sewell Project Manager Carl Sarel said:

“We built the school and Sewell Facilities Management look after the building. To be involved in building and maintaining shows what we can do as a full business and what we can provide.

“Construction and Facilities Management go hand-in-hand and it means you have the same teams consistently delivering quality work across the board.”

Martin Stead, Sewell Facilities Management Managing Director, said the partnership with Endike Academy is positive for all involved.

He said: “We have a strong relationship with the team at Endike and they are willing to work in partnership with us. We understand what they need, so we work around them and vice versa.”