Don’t Forget Your Gloves!

All I&G sites have a mandatory glove requirement.

While working on these sites all personnel must wear gloves that satisfy the following:

  • Gloves that are appropriate for the task being undertaken
  • Gloves are a good fit for the person wearing them
  • Where risk assessment has identified a specific type of glove for the task, these are to be worn
  • Gloves are kept in good condition
  • Gloves are to be supplied by your direct employer



The Mandatory Glove Policy will apply equally to all our own staff and supply chain. Gloves are to be provided by the employees direct employer and suitable for the user and the task in hand and should comply with the latest industry standards for PPE.

Exceptions will only be considered where a risk assessment identifies that the use of gloves will actually introduce a risk Failure to comply with the policy may result in dismissal from site.