COVID-19 statement

We are having regular conversations and are responding to updated government advice on a daily basis. In response to government restrictions we have changed our Huddersfield office to restrict access only to a limited number of authorised personnel for business continuity. We will review this decision in line with changing guidance and continue to keep our valued customers up-to-date.

Currently, we are continuing to offer our people support and advice on managing the prevention and spread of the virus, while ensuring that we position ourselves to maintain ‘business as usual’ for our customers. The location of some of our team may have changed but our commitment to providing you with an unrivalled service has not.

Our site based teams remain operational on customer sites. Again, this is a situation we are reviewing on a daily – if not hourly – basis. We are making these decisions alongside our customers and clients to minimise disruption to their service and support them as best as we can during this unprecedented period. But our people remain our priority and as long as they remain operational we will continue to enforce the strictest standards in hygiene, site safety and adherence to social distancing.

We have developed business contingency plans to protect our projects, investments and most importantly our customers and staff. These plans continue to evolve as we receive new information and updates.

Please see below some guidance on adjustment being made to our ways of working:

Operational impact

We will continue to update you on our day to day operations as and when things change.

We are following government advice for our teams to work from home where this is possible, with selected staff in higher-risk categories already having being based at home for the last few weeks. Access to our premises will be restricted to a skeleton team who will remain vigilant in monitoring the safety of our premises, and have also kindly offered to support us in forwarding mail to our home based teams so that we can avoid any further disruption to business.

We continue to review our activity on sites with our customers regularly and will be taking direction from them with regards to our continued presence on these sites.

Where it is safe and reasonable for us to remain on operational sites, we’d like to maintain ‘business as usual’ wherever possible but must be respectful of developments where this is not practical.

Meetings and travel

We are currently following government guidance on unnecessary travel and instructing our teams to rearrange all meetings in favour of phone calls or online conferencing to allow them to work from home and follow government advice.

As part of this consideration, we will continue to stress to our teams the importance of considering whether any work-related travel is necessary for continuity of business operations before going ahead with it.

Where our teams need to continue to travel to their place of work this is still deemed, by government guidance, as necessary travel.

We hope that this detail will provide some reassurance that we are taking every reasonable action to continue to provide the highest levels of service to our customers, while protecting our people.

While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to develop we will endeavour to keep you informed on any changes to our policies, ways of working and actions taken to minimise disruption to works and to protect the health and wellbeing of our team and customers.

If you have any concerns about any aspect of our service or your dealings with us or require any additional support at this time please do not hesitate to get in touch.