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Simon Davison

I joined the Sewell Group in 2005 as Group Financial Controller, after spending 10 years with PwC, and was promoted to the Board as Group Finance Director in 2007.

I’ve spent much of my career with the business also heading up our Professional Services Team (PST) in addition to my FD responsibilities. I handed over the PST reins to our Head of People, Becky Oughtibridge, in 2020, allowing me to concentrate on a group-wide role in our top company, Sewell Ventures. Our culture is our people and the way people behave when the spotlight isn’t on them, as well as how they react.

Whether people deal with internal matters or are client-facing, we always put the customer first.

Positive people equal positive results and that’s so important.

Culture is at the heart of every business and, no matter what service you offer, you need a strong culture because you want team players who are proactive with a ‘can do’ attitude around you.

I believe the aspects that make Sewell different are the relationships we develop and we always take a long term view of things.

From a financial perspective, I’m really proud to have helped shape the group as it is today, having led on two major restructures and two acquisitions during my time with the business.

From a non-finance perspective, it’s been a privilege to be one of the key individuals to play a part in Sewell being named as a Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For and I look forward to continuing to lead on overarching group-wide matters.

One fact you may not know about me: I have a secret passion for architecture and have been fortunate enough to be able to design and build our own family home.