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Dr Paul Sewell OBE

Paul joined the then F Sewell & Son Ltd in 1978.

Together with Dennis Sewell, they grew the business to  a construction company operating across the Yorkshire region, then diversifying into development, facilities management and petrol retail to become Sewell Group by the turn of the millennium.

“I still hang around because I love doing what we do and working with our people. I have a tremendous amount of fun and I get paid for it, which is great. I love the business process, particularly when it’s done right, and I believe we do it right.

“We put the customer first by really looking after our people, who in turn look after the customer. We are professional about what we do and we live by those behaviours.

“Our culture is a collective DNA and is the way we treat each other with respect. I believe we are proactive with our culture, probably more than most.

“The main differentiator in business is your culture and I have maybe set the bar with a framework for that over the years, but it’s mainly about how we treat each other.

“It’s respect with a bit of affection and fun at times.

“Being humble has served us well and it’s nice if people say we are special.

“I think the fact we are still a family business is special and the people who are really settled at Sewell have a work family. We are a family business determined to be world class in everything we do and I’m really proud of what we have achieved.

“We were the first and are still the only Hull company to get into the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For and stayed in it for three years. For two of those years, we were in the Top 10.”

Paul has spoken at conferences in the USA on what Sewell is like as a place to work and it makes him proud “that we do the people thing really well.”

One fact you may not know about Paul: He had a phobia of public speaking well into his thirties!

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