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Neil Jenneson

I act as a sounding board to all of the major strategic things going on in the business and as a third party counsel to the rest of the board.

As a Non-Executive Director, it’s down to me to help the rest of the board make their decisions, like an internal consultant.

The company wants that resource, I enjoy doing it and I enjoy working with the Board of Directors and the rest of the leadership team.

I try and bring a bit of experience outside of Sewell. All of my professional life before retiring, I worked as a partner in an accountancy firm, and a senior partner in Hull in the last part of my career.

I have drawn on all these experiences in trying to give wise counsel to the rest of the board and senior management group.

Sewell Culture is about doing the right thing. The company looks at all the stakeholder groups, whether they be managers, customers, suppliers, or other, and treats them all in a fair and reasonable manner.

That’s doing the right thing. Sewell is special in the context that it is different.

I must have come into contact with a couple of hundred businesses in my career and I can honestly say no others have that special relationship with their stakeholder groups like Sewell does.

I have worked on two big projects with Sewell. One was giving advice to the stakeholder group in dealing with Dennis Sewell’s retirement and arrangements for that and the second was when I advised the whole Board on arrangements for the Board of Directors to buy into equity of the Group.

They have become part of the business and I was the architect of that.

One fact you may not know about me: I played in a rock band when I was a teenager, on guitar and vocals, in the mid-1960s.