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Katherine Batch

I started work as a part-time cashier at a small Sewell shop in Swanland in 2002.

It helped to pay for petrol money to get me to college and back. I have been here ever since and never worked anywhere else.

As Sales Development Manager, I am responsible for all profit generated with Sewell on the go and, for me, it’s the people who make this business stand out and make it really special.

The biggest and best project I have worked on at Sewell on the go was the installation of our new CBE till system, as it’s brought so much information and detail to the fore, which enables us to make better business decisions.

It really helps in the day-to-day running of the business and we couldn’t do without it now.

The redevelopment of Maybury and South Cave Sewell on the go sites really stand out as career highlights for me.

It was quite a stressful and tiring time but the odd few weeks like that are definitely good for you.

I worked all day to get the job done, then most of the night doing my day job.

But it was the team spirit and everyone pulling together, even to make cups of tea, which was the recipe for success.

When the going gets tough, people dig in, and we’re all in it together.

One fact you may not know about me: I left college with a childcare diploma but later went to the University of Hull part-time for four-and-a-half years and got a BA degree in Business Management, so I can use letters after my name but don’t.