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Jo Barnes

I joined the Group in 2008 as CEO of Citycare, a public private partnership with the NHS.  This followed a 14 year career in the public sector working on regeneration schemes in Scotland, the North West and Hull.

In 2013, I started Shared Agenda Solutions, another Group public private partnership, that provides estates solutions to a range of public and private sector organisations.

In 2017 I joined the Sewell Investments Board and became involved in developing our wider development and investment portfolio.  Appointed as Estates Managing Director in 2021 I am responsible for the strategic direction and performance of our collective of estates businesses, working to support each business unit MD.

I work best when I work in partnership with our customers to find the right solution for them. My approach is very pragmatic and I always have an eye on viability and affordability, seeking transformative solutions that really help our customers move their organisations forward and not just tread water.

I love learning about people and trying to understand what motivates them.  As a Group we are very protective of our focus on personal development and I’m proud of the talent I have seen grow from relatively junior to senior posts in my time here.

One thing you might not know about me is, I belong to a running club and we also have our own choir (and I do both, but not necessarily at the same time!).