Accident victim highlights workplace safety

An accident victim who was left paralysed from the waist down after falling 10ft from a ladder has urged local businesses to take safety seriously.

Jason Anker suffered his injury 21 years ago whilst rushing to get a job done in half the time it should have taken. The accident cost him his marriage and drove him to drink and drugs. Jason ended up in a 17-day coma after an overdose and had to learn to speak again. In a speech at the Sewell Studio, Mr Anker encouraged business leaders to make sure their firms had a culture of staying safe. He said:

“My son Sam talks about having one minute to play football with his dad. Which family is going to be ripped apart this week by people who choose to work unsafe? The most important thing you do when you come to work is make sure you go home safe.”

Mr Anker believes everyone has responsibility for their own safety. He said management must try to create a culture which encourages employees not to cut corners. He said:

“I feel guilt towards my kids for not being able to do the things a dad should do, because of something I did at work. How much compensation do you think is enough to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair, not being able to kick a football around with your kids or your grandkids? We know it happens to someone and what if today it’s your turn?”

Richard Greaves, Managing Director of Sewell Commercial Safety said:

“I’m really glad Jason could join us here today to share his story, it really brings to light how important safety is, in the workplace, in the home, everywhere.”

“Safety is not just about policies and procedures, its something that should be at the heart of decision making all day every day.”

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